Dog Walking

Walkies Birmingham feel it’s important to state upfront that for its dog walking service it does not believe in picking up lots of dogs from different people and walking them all together. The dog walking service offered is to walk no more than 4 dogs at any one time ensuring your dog has dedicated time and attention.

Monday – Thursday

Tail Wagging – 30 minutes walk = £8.50 (per walk)
Dog Tired – 1 hour walk = £11.50 (per walk)

Additional dog per household – 30 minutes or 1 hour = £5.00 per walk.

The walk itself will be at a pace/activity depending on the age/health of your dog.

30 minute walks are around local surrounding roads near to where you live unless there is a suitable park within walking distance close by.

A one hour walk would be at a suitably located park if close by and for repeat daily walks the route/park would be varied to give more interest for your dog.

For dogs being transported to the local park for their walk, the vehicle has secure dog crates fitted ensuring safe passage which is also regularly disinfected.

All dog poop is picked up and disposed of.

Muddy/wet coats and paws are cleaned before returning into your home and making sure your dog is comfortable and calm before leaving.

We DO NOT unfortunately offer a dog boarding service.

For more information please see our pet care agreement and key terms and conditions.